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Monday, Sep 15
1:00pm — 2:30pm
Breckenridge Brewery
333 attending

“Made in Colorado?” – What it takes to Build in Your Backyard

Basing your manufacturing business at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is an inspired choice, but looking at the logistics and intangibles of making your physical goods and products in your Colorado backyard can determine the fate of an early-stage business. Though the “Go Local,” movement has been on the rise, there are instances and industries that don’t have that luxury. Come hear from local food companies and the organizations that bring their products to your hungry bellies as they dynamically discuss the choice to make in Colorado or not.

Host: ColoradoBiz Magazine
-Craig Lieberman, Founder, 34 Degrees Crackers
-Pete Marczyk, Owner, Marczyk Fine Foods
-Liz Myslik, CEO, Fresca Foods
-Robbie Stout, Owner Ritual Chocolate

-Gigi Sukin, ColoradoBiz Magazine

Event hashtag: #COmadeDSW