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Tuesday, Sep 25
2:00pm — 3:00pm
53 attending

Sustainable Conversations: Identifying Gaps in a Global Economy - Featuring Owners of RoxBox and CleanRobotics

Changes in the global economy can have significant impacts on green business, but this can also be the perfect time for market disruption. How can you identify those opportunities?

Join Charles Yhap, Co-founder and CEO of CleanRobotics and Anthony Halsch, CEO of RoxBox for an interview-style discussion that will highlight their experience in recycling and upcycling. The conversations will begin at 2:20pm.

The purpose of their conversation will:

  • Identify environmental issues in both the consumer and residential sides
  • Discuss current international regulations and how this impacts business
  • Acknowledge bigger problems that don’t get enough recognition
  • Glean light where potential market opportunities lie

If you are passionate about the environment, and interested in hearing advice from the experts, then join us during this Fire Side Chat that will take place by the fountains for In Real Life (IRL): Physical Product Showcase: https://www.denverstartupweek.org/schedule/4829-in-real-life-irl-physical-product-showcase

Other fireside chats include:

Skyline Beer Garden

1601 Arapahoe St

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