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Monday, Sep 15
3:00pm — 4:30pm
Barokas Public Relations
600 attending

Sifting through the BS Advice That Really Matters when You’re in the Trenches of Building a Business

Anyone who ever thought about starting a business should attend this event! Entrepreneurs working to build a startup receive advice – solicited and otherwise – from their friends, family and everyone else. David, Yoav and Erika will help you determine which advice is crucial to your success, and to which tips you can nod, smile and ignore.

About the Panel:

  • David Mandell, CEO, PivotDesk
    David Mandell is a Techstars mentor and co-founder and CEO of PivotDesk. Prior to starting PivotDesk in 2012, David served as CEO of Ignighter (currently StepOut), another Techstars Boulder company, and was co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for OneRiot (previously named Me.dium). David is also the managing partner at VentureVoodoo partners, a consulting firm specializing in brand management for startup organizations.

  • Yoav Lurie, CEO, Simple Energy
    Yoav Lurie is the founder and CEO of Simple Energy, a company that leverages the power of game mechanics and the social web to change how millions of consumers think about and act on saving energy every day. Previously, Yoav helped build Synteractive, an IT services firm in Washington, DC, where he led the effort to rebuild Recovery.gov.

  • Erika Trautman, CEO, Rapt Media
    Erika has worked for over 10 years in the video industry. After selling her Emmy award winning video production company in the Bay area last year, she co-founded Rapt Media (formerly FlixMaster), with the goal of bringing enhanced interactivity and “branching” to online video. In less than two years she has built and grown a business that is positioned at the top of emerging video technologies and has shared the stage with Sheryl Sandberg.