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Wednesday, Sep 26
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Improper City
245 attending

The Second Act: Why 2.0 is Harder than 1.0 - from the VP of Engineering at Slack, Michael Lopp

Exploring the cultural changes that are necessary when growing an organization from building one product to building a business that builds products.


  • Michael Lopp, Slack

Michael Lopp is the VP of Engineering at Slack and has almost 30 years of engineering experience at leading tech companies in Silicon Valley. Previously, Michael was Head of Engineering at Pinterest and also held earlier roles at Palantir, Apple, Netscape, and Borland. Michael has written two books. His first book, “Managing Humans”, is a popular guide to the art of engineering leadership. His second book, “Being Geek”, is a career handbook for geeks and nerds everywhere. Michael studied computer science at the University of California, Santa Cruz.