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Tuesday, Sep 25
12:00pm — 1:30pm
CSU - Denver
113 attending

Branding and Marketing Fashion Products: Starting Up While Building Your Brand Image

Hear from entrepreneurs who are owners and designers of new fashion brands in Colorado about creating a line of products and marketing your brand. Panelists will share personal experiences from working and designing in the fashion industry and explore ideas regarding sourcing materials and developing products. Discussions will include considerations regarding costs of manufacturing related to product pricing and decisions of small-batch versus offshore production.

Panelists will share their experiences on:

  • Creating a product line
  • Developing and sourcing a product for production
  • Cost to manufacture related to retail pricing for your target market
  • The role of educational training, finding support services to help launch your brand

Kaitlyn Thomas, Nuorikko
Hillary Glenn, Glenn + Glenn & Hillary Glenn Designs
Allison Berger, Allison Nicole Designs

Moderated by:
Dr. Carol Engel-Enright, Colorado State University Department of Design & Merchandising

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