2018 Schedule

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Headline Events

Monday, Sep 24
12:00pm — 3:30pm
BOOZhall RiNo
130 attending

Inside Crypto for Developers (Blockchain HUB)

Explore the inner workings of crypotcurrency and discover the technology responsible for disrupting the global financial system. Whether you are a knowledgeable blockchain developer, a developer looking to enter the blockchain/cryptocurrency space, or just a technical-minded person who wants to understand this revolutionary trend, these talks are for you.

Topics include: keys and addresses, wallets, transactions and scripting, blockchain, mining and consensus, payment channels, and sidechains.

Featuring: Matt Hill, Manager of Development, SALT (Host); Keagan McClelland, Senior Software Developer; Aaron Greenspan, Senior Backend Software Engineer, SALT; Aiden McClelland, Senior Software Developer, SALT