2018 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 25
10:00am — 4:00pm
Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
17 attending

Chase for Business Office Hours

The Chase for Business BizMobile will be onsite from 10am-4pm at Chase Basecamp. Experienced consultants will be available in the BizMobile to provide mini 1:1 sessions on digital marketing and social media to help your business get established or grow. Click on www.chasebizmobile.com to schedule a time to meet one of our consultants. Walk-ups will be accepted based on availability. You can also stop by and network with fellow business owners. We will provide the tools to help you engage and connect!


  1. Visit

· We show up in your town with our team of consultants.

  1. Sign Up

· You sign up for a 20-minute free appointment online or on-site, and bring your questions, ideas, and curiosity along with you.

  1. Connect

· Gain access to strategic insights, network with other business owners, and walk out with a new swagger.