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Monday, Sep 24
12:00pm — 1:30pm
CSU - Denver
174 attending

Colorado startups changing the future of energy

Change in the energy sector is accelerating and becoming increasingly complex. Startups navigating through this evolving landscape must quickly find and define new segments and adapt their business models along the way.

Technology boundaries in the energy sector are swiftly becoming blurred. No longer is it just about deploying the best, cleanest, or cheapest power generation technology. Now, enabling technologies are reshaping the energy sector: IoT is enabling smart metering and intelligent end-use equipment; e-commerce and microgrid players are bypassing the traditional value-chain and going directly to consumers in both the developed and developing world; environmental and climate concerns are increasingly influencing decision-making; and data integration is becoming crucial to handle the ever-growing complexity of sensor data and software systems.

This session will feature two growing Colorado companies and a venture development firm with a portfolio of startup companies addressing needs for clean energy both domestically and in the developing world. Participants will learn how megatrends in global energy transitions — decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization, and democratization — are influencing the clean energy startup community.

Panelists will share their experiences on:
--Bringing clean energy products to market
--Unique pathways Colorado startup companies are taking to create scalable solutions
--Pivots and product refinements that had to be made on their march to commercialization
--The role of universities, channel partners, and other stakeholders in successful enterprises

Moderator: Dr. Bryan Willson — Executive Director, CSU Energy Institute

Morgan Defoort — Managing Principal, Factor-E Ventures
Richard Mori — CEO, X Power
Steve Elms — CEO, MAIRsure