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Tuesday, Sep 25
9:00am — 10:30am
Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
269 attending

The JOURNEY(s) of Startups Tapping the $7.6 Trillion Longevity Economy!

Longevity Economy you say – what the heck is that? Defined as the sum of all economic activity driven by the needs of Americans aged 50 and older -- in the US, that encompasses more than 111 million Americans generating more than $7.6 trillion in economic activity!

Join us to hear about how six startups have maneuvered the potholes and bumps in the road to grow companies in the Longevity Economy. Want to know about the challenges of raising money – and how these companies funded their startup? You’ll hear how these entrepreneurs have figured out how to stretch a dime and dollar to its maximum – and how they raised their first $10,000 or their last $30 million. How did they market their products and services on an “itty-bitty teeny-weeny budget” combining social media with door to door sales and unique partnerships that generate outreach and public relations? You’ll learn how technology and/or high touch product delivery is being blended into new models of services and products. These entrepreneurs will offer advice based on their journeys – letting us know the unexpected challenges and successes they encountered along the way.

Participants include:

Tom Virden – Nymbl
Melanie Plaksin - Dispatch Health
Alison Joucovsky – Sunshine HomeShare
Jill Lindgren – eLivelihood -
Nichole Lindroth -Maria’s Place
Denise Huff – Chefs for Seniors
Karen Brown – Aging2.0 Denver Chapter - Moderator

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