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Monday, Sep 24
9:00am — 10:30am
Industry RiNo Station
554 attending

Idea Vs Opportunity by Creative Startups

The old saying goes, “Ideas are plentiful and cheap, opportunities are rare and special". But how do you know the difference between an idea and an opportunity when you come across one? What kinds of questions can you ask to find out? How can you use design thinking to investigate markets and discover opportunities? And, when you find an opportunity, what is the next step? This session invites you to discover how successful entrepreneurs identify market opportunities, test the market, and begin to move forward on an opportunity. If you have and idea or an opportunity we can explore it together in this session.

Alice Loy, Creative Startups

**Do you have a question or topic for Alice? You can tweet your questions before the session to @createstartups #impactyourpanel #ideavsopportunity #DENStartupWeek.

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Creative Startups is the leading startup accelerator for creative industries entrepreneurs. With accelerators in 3 USA locations, the Middle East, and Malaysia, we have graduated 92 startups who have gone on to raise $49 million in financing, generate $27 million in new revenues and create 450+ jobs for creatives.