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Tuesday, Sep 25
8:00am — 9:00am
Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
84 attending

KEYNOTE: Development SWAT Team by PARTY NY

Having worked in the advertising field, Party has faced countless technical walls surrounding commercial, digital, and creative work. Years of overcoming those walls have made them more efficient in prototyping and developing complex user experiences.

As a technical director, Qanta Shimizu is the equivalent of a “SWAT” team leader of a project. His presentation will feature notable project flops and failures and examples on how to lead the entire creative team to success with SWAT tactics.

Qanta Shimizu

Once a student of law, turned bartender and professional trombone musician, Qanta took yet another unexpected turn in his career to become a self-taught coder. After joining IMG SRC Inc. in 2006, he quickly accelerated his career to become Principal Technical Director and has been involved in numerous award winning work for global brands, including Toyota and Uniqlo. In 2011, Qanta co-founded PARTY to serve as a Chief Technology Officer and in 2018, he started BASSDRUM, a Technical Director's collective.

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