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Monday, Sep 24
12:00pm — 1:30pm
67 attending

3D Printing 101: How does it work?

What is 3D printing, how does it work, and what are the possibilities? Come to this hands on event to learn more about how 3D printing works and watch objects being printed! We will have a host of experts there to lend advice and information as you will have the chance to interact with the printed objects and machines. They will be covering a variety of topics including how the technology works, an overview of affordable printers, what materials work best for which applications, and explain how the software works! We will also cover where to download models that you can print from online as well as how to go about designing your own parts.

This event is structured to be hands on and interactive. The beginning of the session will include a brief introduction of the experts and a quick overview of what 3D printing is. Then the attendees will break out into areas of the room where the experts will be near printers (3-6) that are printing different objects. There will be printed parts allowing people to get a close look at what the parts look like and how the machines work. The attendees will have the chance to ask experts questions about the process and the experts will be able to offer up information.

Target Audience: The session is targeted at makers of all ages looking to learn more about the technology and how they can get involved. It is mainly educationally focused and considered a good event for those who know very little about 3D printing and its applications.