2018 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 26
4:00pm — 5:00pm
58 attending

Securing Your Vote and Your Voice: Effective, Innovative, and Secure Elections and how the best in the biz are working for you.

This will include thought-provoking presentations and discussions on innovation in the voting space, cybersecurity issues and how we can continually improve security, effective methods to audit elections, and what the future looks like. Topics will include: Seamless automatic voter registration and automatic balloting, opportunities for blockchain, effective audits, technology, and cybersecurity. We will also discuss the importance of collaborating with business, stakeholders, technologists, security experts, and others across the community to ensure voters have an exceptional voting experience.

Amber McReynolds, Executive Director, National Vote at Home
Jennifer Morrell, Consultant, Democracy Fund
Forrest Senti, National Cyber Security Center