2018 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 27
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver
165 attending

Bucket List Design: An Immersive Experience

Just what is "Design Thinking"? Is it worthwhile for me and my company?

This introductory session will immerse participants in the Design Thinking (human-centered design) process so they can see for themselves what all the hype is about. Participants will go through the stages of the process and "learn by doing" to emerge with a better appreciation of the power and applicability of Design Thinking to their team. This fast-paced experience plunges you into the methodology. If you want to hear a lecture on the process, don't come! If you want to experience it for yourself...we'll see you there!

Hark Herold, Design Thinking Denver
Dr. Sarabeth Berk, Research & Innovation Office at CU-Boulder
Clay Cousins, Elevate Momentum
Andres Lazo, Habits by Design