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Wednesday, Sep 26
4:00pm — 5:30pm
159 attending

Finding Balance

Balanced Team Presentation and Panel Discussion!

What roles are you considering when building your Product Development organization? How do you hire the right people and align them in the right way to deliver valuable products?

If leaders can build the right teams, optimize their collaboration, and align them towards the right vision they will drive more efficient results. This talk will describe Balanced Teams, the value of each pillar, and how they work together in a challenging and collaborative way to drive innovation. Finally, it will explore pitfalls, risks, and best practices in building, deploying, and empowering these teams to succeed.

Adam Oliver, Crafted

Most recently Adam led the growth and formation of the Product Management discipline for Pivotal Software in the center part of the country. Growing this discipline was a critical driver in evolving Pivotal’s engineering-only consultancy into a true Balanced Team model which had a tremendous impact on the company’s ability to IPO. I am now, once again, a founder. Currently building the brand, team, and disciplines of Crafted - a Colorado-born Balanced Team consultancy. Our mission is to inspire technology teams to be better at their craft by building products together.