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Friday, Sep 28
10:00am — 11:30am
Four Winds Interactive
307 attending

Designing Culture for Creative Teams 

Too often, we focus so much on output and revenue that we lose sight of how to stay current, inspired, curious and balanced with those working together on a creative team. Culture cultivation can happen at every stage or size of a company whether you're a team of three or three hundred. What does this look like, and why is it important? How do teams achieve this in a genuine way? How does culture scale as you grow? In this panel, we will discuss these issues and more with creatives who focus on the employee experience and how, ultimately, that leads to a better final product. We will look beyond ping pong tables and beer to talk about how teams thrive in a healthy work culture.


Ian Hall - UX Researcher at MetaLab
Kelsey Bailey – Graphic Designer at Artifact Uprising
Tyler Merry - Designer and Front End Developer at the Motley Fool
Karyn Lu– Director of Digital Experience at Four Winds Interactive
Sean Topping - Founder and Creative Director at Grit