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Wednesday, Sep 26
8:00am — 9:30am
Colorado Lending Source
74 attending

1 Million Cups Denver- Denver Startup Week Edition

Start Wed out with us! Grab a cup of Coffee and YOU get to ask questions to product companies based here in CO!

Want to ask about the hard parts of getting started? How about how 3 companies each tackled fundraising and manufacturing? Do you want to ask how a company about successfully getting acquired? How about a healthy dose of IOT products and how to come up in the ultra competitive beer market?

Well, we have a lineup for you!
This year our guests include:


After winning a spot on the TiE top 50 Startups 2017, Pupptech in 2018 closed out a round of funding and a successful Indigogo campaign! Now PuppTech is heading to manufacturing their first IOT product: The PuppComm, an award winning, palm-sized, cloud-connected monitoring device made that ensures your dogs safety. A must have for those that travel with their pet! PuppTech's CEO, Will Loopesko, will be on hand to talk about getting the initiative off the ground, the funding circuit, and what it's like to go from putting together the prototype in a basement to the logistics of finding manufacturers.


What's crazier than building a critically acclaimed, $200,000 in pre-sales, innovative, wearable product that allows you to tap colors to create music? How about getting acquired by Sphero this past June? Sphero has themselves raised about $120 Million in a mission to further educational tech products and has added Specdrums to "put the ‘A’ in STEAM in our product roadmap."
Specdrums isa Boulder-based music tech startup founded in 2016 by Steven Dourmashkin and Matthew Skeels, and they had a wild 2018. Come hear their story, find out what it's like to be acquired, and see a must-be-seen to be believed, experiential product!

Renegade Brewery

Brian O’Connell already had a passion for beer when his wife, Khara, bought him a home-brew kit for Christmas in 2005. It wasn’t long before he had removed everything else from the fridge to hold a keg. In 2009, a lease was signed for a brewery, an even bigger 15,000 square foot space came in 2014. Now in 2018 Brian’s Renegade Brewing Company is at a 11,000 bbls production capacity. Brian has had to deal with expanding manufacturing, fundraising, and the competitive beer market here in Denver. Hear his story, and learn what it takes to grow in a competitive market!

Our format is simple: Each company will have a brief presentation, but our main focus is Q&A from the audience!
Come ask questions! Learn from the journey!

1 Million Cups (1MC) Denver has been meeting weekly for the past 5 years featuring entrepreneurs and businesses live every Wed morning! We are happy to bring an extended session to Denver Startup week!

And after DSW is over, come see us! We meet every Wed! Learn more about 1MC Denver at https://www.1millioncups.com/denver