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Wednesday, Sep 26
10:00am — 11:30am
Spaces - Denver Ballpark
158 attending

Universal Design: Enabling Customers through the Power of Inclusion

The conversation around design and people with disabilities is shifting from one of accommodation to one of inclusion. No longer is the question, "How can we design products that are accessible to people with disabilities?" but rather, "How does keeping people with disabilities in mind help design products better products?" Learn why universal design thinking is an essential skillset, understand the challenges of incorporating accessibility into your design practice to navigate and avoid pitfalls, and gain niche expertise that will keep your company innovating and staying ahead of its competitors.

Spectrum is the nation's second largest Cable TV, Internet and Voice provider, with over 24 million customers. First formed in 2012, Spectrum's design team has grown to more than 100 designers comprised of UX/UI Designers, UX Researchers, Industrial Designers, and Accessibility Experts. This discussion, led by Mark Balsano, VP of Accessibility at Spectrum, brings members of his growing Accessibility Team with a mission to design universal product experiences that connect their customers to the things that matter most to them.

The Panelists
Gurpreet Kaur, Director of Accessibility
Petr Kucheryavyy, Senior Manager of Accessibility
John Sweet, Accessibility Manager
Megan Kennedy, Accessibility Manager