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Tuesday, Sep 16
11:00am — 12:30pm
TAXI - Drive 2 Bldg
313 attending

Minimum Viable Channel : Is Your MVP a Viable Business?

Presented by Perry Evans Founder & CEO of Closely and the very popular Perch app.

We've all come to love and live the MVP discipline, far too few startups put real thought and energy into the realities of scaling a product in the market. Far too many startups die on the vine because their go-to-market was never designed, modeled or tested systematically.

Think of this as a chalk talk to start-up founders to walk through some real life examples and present a set of questions and processes to help guide their thinking about customer acquisition, engagement, retention and sales and sales channel strategies. The presentation will be accompanied by a [long form] blog post that I've been working on with 2-3 Bay Area industry friends.

Event is hosted at TAXI, specifically in the Drive2 building - it's the one with the giant yellow AC unit on top of it, with TAXI written on it.

3461 Ringsby Court, 4th Floor Event Center.
Parking is free at the complex.