2018 Schedule

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Friday, Sep 28
2:00pm — 3:30pm
WeWork Triangle Building
230 attending

Product Management for AI in the Automated Economy

The desire for automation in the Fourth Industrial Age has led to AI, ML, and NLP becoming essential components of innovation. As markets shift while these technologies become ubiquitous, the role of product managers has expanded beyond being the voice of the customer to being the voice of the society. This talk covers the skills that PMs need in order to balance innovation against other large-scale implications. We will review the strengths and weaknesses of incorporating AI and NLP-components, and share tools for PMs to stay connected with market and customer needs in the automated economy.

Speaker: Poornima Farrar, Workday

Poornima has been a product management leader in Big Data & Analytics for 7+ years and participated in software development for 2 years prior. Her educational background in natural language processing combined with industry experience in analytics makes her uniquely suited to speak on the challenges of relying too heavily on innovation without considering large-scale implications. She is currently a Senior Product Manager at Workday focused on scaling customer adoption. Prior to Workday, Poornima in product leadership roles at Alteryx and Intelius. She hold a PhD in Linguistics is from SUNY University at Buffalo.