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Friday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 1:30pm
CSU - Denver
238 attending

Society does not think of Women as being Geniuses: We want to introduce you to Women leaders of Artificial Intelligence

We want to let the light shine on innovators, disruptors, and leaders who have a deep passion and pursuit of state of the art technologies in artificial intelligence, who also happen to be women. All too often women in technology fields are not promoted or fairly compensated. We are not taken seriously as leaders and we constantly battle stereotypes. We want to talk about our pursuit of knowledge, our achievements, and obstacles. We want to talk about our love and passion for mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligences. We want to talk about and celebrate our achievements in artificial intelligence. We want to talk about why it's cool for moms to read about convolutional neural networks at the playgrounds. We want to showcase women as drivers of artificial intelligence.