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Tuesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 5:00pm
Location TBA
56 attending

Makers On A Mission (IRL Physical Product Showcase)


Jeremy Priest

A social mission, sustainable production and Made in USA feels good - but how do you turn these into a defensible competitive advantage? We'll discuss how Knotty Tie built a business model based upon values the founders couldn't operate without, and how those values turned into the driving factors behind the business' growth. And of course, we'll discuss what went horribly wrong along the way.

You Will Learn:
Why custom product business models work for making products in the US?
Why be your own manufacturer and how to elevate beyond craft?
How can a social mission can become a strength instead of a sacrifice?

Part of THE IRL PHYSICAL PRODUCT SHOWCASE Sponsored By Avnet: https://www.denverstartupweek.org/schedule/3681-irl-physical-product-showcase-sponsored-by-avnet