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Thursday, Sep 28
3:00pm — 4:30pm
215 attending

High on Design: Getting Brands and Products "Elevated"

The cannabis industry never had room for professional design while operating under the veil of the black market. For decades, goofy stoner iconography, pot-leaf decals and Rastafarian flags were the existing brand of marijuana. But times are changing. In the wake of Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana for adult use, states are lining up–and so are designers, strategists and entrepreneurs. In this panel discussion, pioneers of Colorado’s cannabis industry come together to share insight, tools and strategies for designing for an entirely new sector of products. Panelists representing different facets of the business discuss the obstacles and opportunities for brand development, product design and curating an immersive customer experience.


  • Amy Andrle, Co-owner, L’Eagle Services
  • Jim Biviano, Founder & CEO, Ascend Industries, LLC.
  • Brad Bogus, Cannabis Branding Expert
  • Shawna McGregor, Senior Vice President, The Rosen Group

Moderator: Natasha Lannerd, Sales Strategist

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the market for cannabis consumers and how to design for a shifting demographic
  • Strategies and tactics for moving beyond the stoner stereotype in branding and design
  • Understanding rules and regulations as they relate to branding and design for cannabis companies
  • How cannabis brands are meeting compliance standards while maintaining a high level of artistic integrity
  • Challenges and opportunities while branding a new frontier of products that have never existed before
  • Developing an aesthetic that speaks to consumers at point of sale
  • Curating the customer experience for a new demographic of cannabis consumers: Boutique/Farm to Table Model
  • Providing consumers with opportunity to support brands that are socially responsible

General Assembly (Classroom 1)

3858 Walnut St

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