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Monday, Sep 25
4:30pm — 7:00pm
Jackson's Denver
366 attending

Denver Founders 100th Meetup Celebration -- All you do is WIN?!

What does it mean be a successful entrepreneur? A successful VC? A successful founder? Are you successful when you raise capital? How about hiring two new employees? What about making a positive impact on a person's health? What about working to save our environment? We celebrate when a company raises a big round of capital but is that truly success?

There is no one-size-fits-all model for success as an entrepreneur.

In this panel featuring some of the leading figures in the Denver Startup Scene, we will discuss what success means to each of them. What does it mean to win? Can you be successful in a failing company?

For almost ten years, Denver Founders Network has brought the Denver Startup Community together every month for thoughtful conversations with some of the smartest and most accomplished founders in Colorado. This Startup Week, Denver Founders will be celebrating our 100th Meetup. Join us for this celebration of the Denver Startup Community from the original Denver Startup Meetup.

Featured Guest Panelists:

Andrew Fischer – Co-Founder/CEO of Choozle

Matt Talbot – Co-Founder/CEO of GoSpotCheck

Sanjay Mohan – Founder/CEO of Healthio Inc.