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Wednesday, Sep 27
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Product Track- CBRE
454 attending

How to Get More Conversions from Video Content - Sponsored by Great Divide Brewing

Join us for a (free!) cold Great Divide brew as we explore many different angles of video strategy. With experience as a marketing director and video producer for Sparksight, Jessica Martinez will teach tips and tricks for creating video content. Sharon Marchand, CXO at Summit XD, will discuss how to increase conversions from video content using UI and UX best practices. Finally, Brian Brown, founder of The Kompanee, will demonstrate various technical tools available for video marketing and the best ways to implement them.

With video content as a major component in any marketing strategy, connecting the dots between production and conversion is key to maximizing your video marketing ROI. Whether you’re just starting out or have an existing library of videos, you’ll learn how to increase visibility through SEO and distribution channels, maximize viewership using strategic UI/UX practices, and inspire conversion with the ideal combination of video content and platform technology.

With decades of combined marketing experience, we’ve worked with a variety of companies from startups to leading B2C companies. We’ll show examples of successful video content, video player and CMS platforms, and conversion-optimized on-page implementations. No matter where you are in the video marketing process, you’ll walk away with plenty of inspiration that will drive your video marketing success!