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Wednesday, Sep 27
10:00am — 12:00pm
WeWork Triangle Building
262 attending

Engineering ❤ Product ❤ Design, building products at Gusto

What is it like to build a product from scratch? How do you strike a balance between engineering, product and design? When do you push for the right feature, the most compelling design, the cleanest codebase? Why should you compromise on those things?

I will share my experience as a software engineer building out the Health insurance shopping experience at Gusto. From initial inception to building out a multi-million dollar revenue generating product to maintaining and iterating on it today, we've learned a lot along the way and I'll share some of my takeaways.

Health care is important - and expensive! Our product helps companies decide how they can best spend their money to get their employees healthcare, and it's not simple. We want to optimize for users of all levels of expertise - those who have no idea what a waiting period is, and those that have been administering benefits for years. We want to make it easy and simple - but keep all the important information readily available - and there's a lot of information. We want to give our users options - but not overwhelm them. All those things get baked into our process.

If you're passionate about product, design, and engineering, and want to get a glimpse into how that collaboration plays out at Gusto, this talk is for you.

About the speaker: Noa Elad
Noa is passionate about building software that empowers great products and user-experiences in a thoughtful way. She is a member of Gusto's payroll engineering team in San Francisco. Previously she studied at Technion Israel institute of Technology towards her B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer science and M.Sc. in Computer Science. During her time at Technion, she worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and Google. Her hobbies include snuggling with her dog, cat, and husband, and any form of being upside down.