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Monday, Sep 25
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
444 attending

Built and Branded Locally – The Success of the Makers Movement

One of the greatest challenges facing makers today is how to transition an idea or prototype into a viable commercial product and brand. This discussion will explore how a set of successful Colorado entrepreneurs have been able to launch compelling brands and scale their businesses to meet demand all while producing their product locally. Additionally, the panel will discuss the different tools these companies have relied on to grow their businesses beyond the Colorado market. The panel includes experts from a variety of industries including, food, beauty, furniture and fashion. The panel will be co-moderated by Bart Taylor, Founder of CompanyWeek, the Voice of Rocky Mountain Makers & Manufacturers, and Brooke Wolf, Principal of Merchants.

Panelists include…
• Kelly Frazier of PopSockets
• Bradford Peterson of Astis Mittens
• Chris Mears of Little Secrets
• Emily Hines of Sweat Cosmetics
• Dustin Nyhus of DENY Designs
• Ashley Schenkein of Ashley Schenkein Jewelry