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Wednesday, Sep 27
11:00am — 12:00pm
Sculpture Park Terrace at Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
109 attending

Founders’ View: Starting a Cybersecurity Company in Colorado

Whether it’s the curse of Chief Niwot or the rally cries of Governor Hickenlooper, there’s no question Colorado is becoming a dominant cybersecurity hub. What does it takes to start up and thrive here? This panel includes moderator Robb Reck, host of Colorado = Security and CISO at Ping Identity, with founders of startups including ProtectWise, Red Canary, Swimlane, and CyberGRX. Hear why Colorado helped make these founders successful, challenges they’ve faced, and their tips on everything from securing funding to building culture.

Gene Stevens, Brian Beyer, Cody Cornell, and Fred Kneip have collectively started at least seven cybersecurity companies in their careers. Each knows what it takes to pitch investors for funding in an increasingly competitive space—Red Canary and Swimlane recently closed on Series A, and ProtectWise and CyberGRX recently closed series B. Their companies were founded right here in Colorado, and though some leverage Bay area talent the majority of their employee base is in the Denver metro area. Even for someone looking to start up in a vertical outside cybersecurity, this panel will yield valuable insight. Moderator Robb Reck focuses on the Colorado cybersecurity market in his weekly podcast and will be great for guiding this conversation.

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