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Thursday, Sep 28
8:00am — 9:30am
199 attending

In It for the Long Haul — Positioning Your Startup to Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities, Market Changes and More

When starting a business, you can’t just think about the space you’re looking to occupy today and the customer you're going to target on the day you open your doors, go live with your website and begin taking orders. Technology, consumer preferences, pricing models and market circumstances change too quickly these days for a small business to be successful if you don’t set the company up from the outset with the tools and flexibility it needs to meet to compete in a dynamic selling environment. This session will explore how to strategically position your small business from the outset to be ready for unexpected opportunities to grow, change directions, offer new products/services, discontinue offerings that no longer resonate (without crippling the business) and more.

Location TBA

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