2017 Schedule

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Headline Events

Friday, Sep 29
4:00pm — 7:00pm
Location TBA
463 attending

Brain Crawl

The Closing Headline Event for Denver Startup Week.

Crawl with us see the latest in brain technology, interactive presentations, keynote speakers, and, of course, free beverages.

Latest brain technology: imaging, psychology, mindfulness, mind control?

Hundreds of community members: entrepreneurs, students, investors, neuroscientists, psychologists

Tons of fun: conversation, cocktails, brainy giveaways, interactive demos

CRAWL 4 - 6
Many problems in the world come from brains, but all solutions come from them too. Promoting neurodiversity and brain health in the startup and Colorado ecosystems is particularly vital because entrepreneurs are 2X as likely to experience brain conditions over the general population. Thinking differently doesn’t always come easy, but it can be much better.

Speaking openly about brain conditions: Eric Marcoullier, Heather Mackenzie, Shira Frank, Michelle Rousseau, Lance Powers, Amy Reichlin, Impact Founder, Sean Kearney, & Video contributions from celebrity thought-leaders like Comic, Actor, and Writer, Adam Cayton-Holland, inventors and more to be revealed!

Hosted & Curated by Sigmend, Human Input/Output, and Amy Reichlin Consulting

2017 BSW's Brain Crawl included Brad Feld, Jerry Colonna, and Impact Founder