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Thursday, Sep 15
9:30am — 11:00am
Denver Startup Basecamp launched by Chase
37 attending

Turnpikers Podcast Live From Denver Startup Week

Hosted By Luke Beatty & Danny Newman

Join us for a conversation about the tech landscape in Denver with the hosts of Turnpikers and special guests (to be announced).

About the hosts:
Luke Beatty is the President of Media Brand at AOL/Verizon where he oversee the operation of numerous brands including Techcrunch, Engadget, Mapquest, Moviefone, Autoblog, among others. Prior to this, Luke served as Vice President and General Manager at Yahoo, where he managed Local, Flickr, and Yahoo Contributor Network- an evolution of Associated Content, a media company founded by Luke in 2005.

Danny Newman is the CEO and co-founder of local start-up ROXIMITY, which was recently acquired by the mobile ad firm, Verve. Danny is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been creating innovative products in the web and mobile space for nearly 20 years. Danny got his start in mobile in 2000 when he created one of the first ever cross-carrier SMS marketing platforms, which was used by Omnicom agencies to deliver millions of mobile messages for their clients.