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Wednesday, Sep 14
12:00pm — 1:30pm
79 attending

Starting Up in Syria

Ever wonder what it's like to startup a business in the Middle East? Humanwire is HQd in Boulder while operating for Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. In this talk we'll explain in detail how we dove in. From setting up SARLs (similar to LLCs) to daily texts over WhatsApp with the Lebanese Army, we'll highlight our recent experiences on the methods and business risks involved in starting up from scratch. Andrew Baron Founder of Know Your Meme, the preeminent online resource for the study of memes and viral spread; Founder of Rocketboom, the first large-scale video podcast (used by Steve Jobs to introduce the world to the first video iPod and again for the release of the Apple TV); Founder of Humanwire, an innovative one-to-one support platform for refugees in need.

Location TBA

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