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Wednesday, Sep 14
8:30am — 10:00am
163 attending

Acquiring & Keeping a Billion Dollar Brand

Three leaders in the Denver business community — Dave Bacon, Laura Love, and Keith Roberts — will lead a panel discussion about the relationships that can form between smaller agencies and their enterprise clients. It will include discussion of how an agency can land its first enterprise client, the processes required in doing so, collaboration, staffing and more.

Refreshments: Coffee provided by Huckleberry Roasters

Hosted by: BWBacon, GroundFloor Media, Zenman


Dave Bacon: Dave Bacon is the founder of Colorado-based technology and creative staffing agency, BWBacon Group. BWBacon supports companies ranging from start-up to emerging to large enterprises. He has been involved in growing progressive companies through technology staffing and professional services since 1997 and leans heavily on a certain sense of purpose and affinity for connecting people together. He is heavily involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denver, serving in several roles with organizations to create programming, events and peer to peer support.

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