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Wednesday, Sep 14
12:00pm — 1:30pm
192 attending

Bitcoin, Blockchain & MoIP (Money over IP)

Bitcoin and derivative technologies are transforming how money works. Money and other assets are now transferable across borders in moments at minimal cost, and capacity is growing fast. In the not too distant future money will move across the internet as easily as information does today.

Session Agenda:

What is Bitcoin, how does it work, what problems does it solve? (10 min.)
A (very brief) history of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (5 min.)
Risk, Fraud, and separating services from Cryptocurrency (5 min.)
Regulation and trends (US State/Federal, Global) (10 min.)
Political vs. technical limitations (10 min.)
Investment trends, entrepreneurial hits and misses (10 min.)
Money over Internet Protocol and other possibilities (15 min.)
Questions and Answers (up to 30 min.)

Location TBA

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