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Wednesday, Sep 14
12:00pm — 1:30pm
221 attending

Developing your product for a two sided market

Two-sided (or more generally multi-sided) web-based platforms are roughly defined as web-based platforms that facilitate and enable interactions between end-users, and tries to get the two (or multiple) sides “on board” by appropriately charging each side. That is, platforms court each side while attempting to make, or at least not lose, money overall.

In this panel, we’ll be discussing four different and distinct platforms each of which operates in a different, web-based two-sided market space. During our time together, we’ll be discussing the product development, business, and growth aspects of two sided market platforms in general, with specific emphasis on how each of the platforms represented on the panel approach and attempt to master each of these very important areas in driving their business forward.

Representatives from these companies will be featured:


Hosted and moderated by Ray Burrasca, Founder & Organizer at Colorado Crowdfunding

Location TBA

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