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Thursday, Oct 1
8:00pm — 11:00pm
Bluebird Theater
26 attending

Jiberish 10 Year Anniversary Party

Come celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary with a party at the Bluebird theater.

The headliner is Gibbz, he sings falsetto, plays guitar and currently his album is in the Top 50 Apple album's purchased on iTunes. He played our Sundance party last year and CRUSHED. His stage presence is phenomenal. Big Wild, the opener, was recently signed to Odesza's label and one of his songs is on the new Apple iWatch commercial.

Check out some of Gibbz' music:
https://soundcloud.com/exm4g/tilt-mode-feat-gibbz - +1.5 million combined plays
https://soundcloud.com/cherokee-official/teenage-fantasy - +670K plays
https://soundcloud.com/gibbzmusic/again-and-again-1 - +200K combined plays

Here is some of Big Wild's music:
https://soundcloud.com/bigwild/sylvan-esso-hey-mami-big-wild-remix - +3.2 Million plays
https://soundcloud.com/foreignfamily/aftergold - +1.7millions plays
https://soundcloud.com/odesza/say-my-name-feat-zyra-big-wild-remix - +300K plays

No cover charge.

Hosted by: Jiberish