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Wednesday, Sep 30
2:00pm — 3:30pm
The Hive on 16th
71 attending

How to Do Home Energy Reports at Scale

One of the biggest challenges to being a startup is scaling product development and management to keep pace with growing business and customer demands. We have helpful tips to share, based on our experience of leveraging a micro-services technology architecture to deliver more than 25 million Home Energy Reports (HERs) to energy customers.

How have we been able to achieve such success at scale? Three things have been crucial to our success:

• Elasticity: We’ve built our Energy Services Management Platform from the ground up with a micro services architecture, ensuring we’re able to add resources on an as-needed basis so that our system can expand as the load we manage increases.

• Responsiveness: Because we’re analyzing millions of customer data points to personalize our home energy reports, we’ve had to engineer our platform to respond quickly to data processing requests.

• Resilience: If our platform is going to support developing millions of home energy reports each month, it must be resilient and constantly monitor itself for mistakes and alert the right people to errors when necessary.

This presentation will detail the lessons we’ve learned by placing importance on elasticity, responsiveness and resilience and how we fine-tuned our technology to make sure these elements were in place.