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Thursday, Oct 1
8:00am — 9:30am
Spotlight Track- Commons on Champa
271 attending

I’m female and code curious: now what?

Learning to code can be daunting, especially as a female. How do you determine whether programming is right for you? How do you go from a hobbyist coder to a professional developer? How do you successfully make a name for yourself in a predominately male industry?

Come hear from several women who have been there and done that. We’ll talk about our experiences switching careers, learning to code, breaking into the startup scene, and how we’ve found support along the way.

Panelists include Meeka Gayhart (software developer at Quick Left), Kinsey Ann Durham (software developer at GoSpotCheck), and Marla Brizel (current student at the Turing School of Software and Design). The panel will be moderated by Simone Johnson (marketing coordinator at Quick Left).

Breakfast will be served as well.