Topic and Industry Clusters

In addition to our functionally-oriented tracks, we program a number of clusters that highlight unique and interesting sessions related to the same topic area or industry vertical. Cluster sessions are scheduled for a variety of times during the week.

IoT Cluster

From smart devices to integrated homes to intelligent vehicles, the Internet of Things is rapidly transforming the way that we interact with the world around us. Check out the latest technologies and trends in the IoT realm, and take a look behind the scenes at what it takes to concept, design and build a connected product.

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Healthtech Cluster

Healthcare costs continue to rise, putting individuals and companies in an economically unstable situation. Enter digital health technologies, exploding on to the scene with engaging, low-cost, and convenient tools that will have a lasting impact on large populations both here in Colorado and throughout the country.

Explore the significant transformations coming to, and already being implemented in, the healthcare industry from both technologists and healthcare professionals. Plus, see the technological innovations that could be making a real difference to your health care in the near future.

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Diversity Cluster

Building an inclusive organization and culture is a critical part of any early-stage company, particularly in a world of increasingly global and diverse customer bases. Explore the what, how and why of building a diverse team, and hear firsthand the experiences of those on the front lines enabling diversity in the startup realm.

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Cannatech Cluster

Colorado is at the forefront not only of entrepreneurship and technology, but also in the emerging cannabis industry. Beyond just the leaf, explore the intersection of technology and cannabis, how these two seemingly different fields interoperate, and the challenges of building a company at the intersection of emerging markets and regulatory frameworks.

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