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8 Tracks Rock

Denver Startup Week has always been organized around ‘Tracks’ (or themes) that were designed to reflect roles in a typical startup: Designer, Developer, Founder, Growth, Maker, and Product. Every session, with the exception of some headline events, is slotted into one of the six tracks. And because everything at Denver Startup Week is meant to enable true cross-functional learning, anyone can attend any session in any track. For free. We’re big hippies like that.

At the dawn of 2019, however, the cowbell clanged for a new era. The era of the 8 Tracks.

Denver Startup Week organizers determined that, like any good startup, the time was right for some further development on an initial premise. To that end, the People and Spotlight tracks were created to better reflect where DSW is today and where we’re going tomorrow.

Let’s learn about our new friends and take some time to visit with old favorites, shall we, in this brief foray into the 8 Tracks of Denver Startup Week.

First up, the newbies . . .

People Track

Contrary to expectations, the People Track is not an upbeat tune about humanity. Instead, it’s all about building the culture, teams, and communication platforms necessary to hire, motivate, engage, and inspire people both within and outside of your company. Check out People Track events.

Spotlight Track

Spotlight is the Track that breaks all the rules. Crossing the boundaries of industry, job function, and background, (not to mention space and time), Spotlight events provide entertainment, inspiration, and truly unique opportunities, including crawls, rallies, comedy shows and parties. Check out Spotlight Track events.

And now, our old faves…

Designer Track

The Designer Track is focused on the critical elements of design, from fashion to architecture to breakout digital ideations, immersive experiences and artwork. With themes explored including the future of design, designing for inclusivity and accessibility, ethical design decision-making, connecting physical and digital design, and impact investing in the creative economy, the Designer Track is where the conversations that matter about design are happening. Check out Designer Track events.

Developer Track

Frontend, backend, full stack, big data, APIs, architecture, methodologies, junior, senior, quantum computing – my goodness the Developer Track really does have it all. Learn new technologies, refine your skills, or just check out something completely different. Walk away a better engineer than you were before! Check out Developer Track events.

Founder Track

From dreamers to those launching a first business or even seasoned entrepreneurs, the audience that Founder Track is built for spans the spectrum. Initial product development, go-to-market strategies, the who’s, what’s, and how’s of finding funding, and – you know – everything else involved with creating a startup! Check out Founder Track events.

Growth Track

The Growth Track all about marketing, selling, and supporting customers throughout their entire customer, product and user lifecycle. It’s a lot of lifecycles. Every aspect of digital marketing, inbound and outbound sales, persuasion, promotion and customer experience is covered. If you’ve got something to sell, Growth Track is not to be missed. Check out Growth Track events.

Maker Track

Learn how to build prototypes, take products to market, build and optimize supply chains, create a lean manufacturing process, you name it from other artisans, engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done that and have the scars to prove it. Featuring speakers from outdoor recreation, breweries, tech and more – Maker has it all. Check out Maker Track events.

Product Track

Product management, development, and marketing: all different sides of the curious, three-sided coin that is the Product Track. Discover how to bridge the gap between building the product and delivering it to the market, not to mention all the research, design, prototyping and manufacturing! Phew. Check out Product Track events.

Want more? Explore each track individually via associated articles and featured sessions on our fancy new website. Once you feel you’re intimately familiar with the 8 Tracks, it’s time to start waxing your hotrod, fluffing your mullet, and building your DSW schedule! You know us, we feel remiss if we haven’t reminded you to REGISTER so go ahead and do that and then meet us back at the roller rink. 

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