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Friday, Oct 2
12:00pm — 1:30pm
CSU - Denver
340 attending

Cannabis: Managing a Team in a New Industry


MC: Kelly Walborn (MEV) -- Kelly works closely with both engineers and clients to bring complex software solutions to market. She works with several cannabis and tech companies based in Colorado and organizes the Cannabis Technology meetups held monthly in Denver. (links: www.mev.com; http://cannatech.io/)

Moderator: Sohum Shah (CCX) -- Sohum Shah is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Commodities Exchange. He has worked in and around the Colorado dispensary scene for several years. He is also a cannabis critic for The Cannabist and helps organize the Cannabis Technology meetup. (links: http://cannaexchange.com/; thecannabist.co; http://cannatech.io/ )

Dan Hunt (MassRoots) -- Dan currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for MassRoots, Inc where he oversees the company's daily operations, including marketing, sales, business development, staffing, processes and infrastructure. Dan also serves on the board of managers for FlowHub, board of advisors for Coral Life, Inc and consults various early-stage startups on growth & sales. (link: www.massroots.com)

Hyler Fortier (MassRoots) -- Hyler Fortier is a Co-Founder of MassRoots, Inc. She is the Director of Branding and focuses on driving MassRoots' branding efforts to position themselves as a leader in the industry. (link: www.massroots.com)

Zach Marburger (CannaBuild) -- Zach Marburger is the Founder and CEO of CannaBuild. CannaBuild works with many of the top brands in cannabis to power their ordering and backbone infrastructure. Formerly Marburger was the CEO of ToppleTrack (acquired), a leading digital rights regulatory platform for copyright holders. A strong passion for liberty and compassion is the driving force behind his switch from the entertainment industry. CannaBuild received their seed round of funding through ArcView Group in May of 2014 and has since been featured in the NY Times, Fast Company and several other prominent publications. (link: www.cannabuild.me)

Hanna Kohlfeld (BWBacon) -- Hanna Kohfeld is an account manager at BWBacon. BWBacon is a technical and creative web staffing company that supports high growth start up and emerging companies across many industries, including the lifestyle and cannabis tech space. (links: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/hanna-kohfeld/13/949/100; http://bwbacon.com/)

Jessica Billingsley (MJ Freeway) -- Jessica Billingsley is a co-founder and the COO of Denver-based MJ Freeway Business Solutions, which provides industry-leading business software and professional services to cannabis enterprises. Jessica's strategic vision and strong team-building skills result in cohesive teams and year over year high revenue returns with large profit margins. (link: http://mjfreeway.com/)

Carole Richter (CRichter ~ HR Consulting, LLC) -- Carole Richter (CRichter ~ HR Consulting) consults with small to medium sized business owners to support, complement or develop their skill sets in talent management. Whether dealing with an isolated or systemic problem, she provides business and HR advice, training, and project management services. (link: www.CRHRConsulting.com)

Anyone interested in starting a cannabis related business
Marketing professionals
Entrepreneurs of any industry
Developers of all frameworks and skill levels
BizDev Professionals
Product Development teams

Learn: Attendees will learn about the different challenges cannabis entrepreneurs have faced in managing teams in a controversial industry. How cannabis companies balance the use of a substance which fuels the industry while maintaining workplace productivity. How non-cannabis companies can learn how to adapt drug-free workplace policies to the new laws concerning cannabis consumption.

Fits into DSW:
The Cannabis Tech Sector shows a very strong presence from the Denver area, including Colorado-founded and Colorado-based companies
The current nature of federal & banking regulations surrounding cannabis deter large, well-capitalized corporations from entering the space, making the Cannabis Industry an entrepreneur’s playground

Awesome Idea: New laws that protect adults consumption of cannabis often conflict with existing workplace drug policies which is an issue that we will see coming up more frequently as state change these laws.

CSU - Denver

475 17th St., Ste. 200