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Monday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
69 attending

Bitly Links Aren't Just Short, They're Deep: Linking to both the web and to mobile with one URL

Users of the Bitly service create about 600 million links per month. Those links garner about 10 billion clicks per month. Mobile usage accounts for more than 50% of those click events. Being able to land the user at the appropriate destination -- web page, mobile app deep link or an option to install the mobile app -- is key.

This presentation will cover the technologies involved in indexing the Wild West of mobile content app links, making the real-time decision at the moment of a click event of how to route the user to the appropriate content, and how to collect and report metrics on those events. We'll discuss the technologies we use to do this at scale including Go, Python and message queues.

Bitly's core team is in NYC, and has smaller teams in Denver and San Francisco.