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Monday, Sep 28
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
456 attending

The Accidental Technology Salesperson

This workshop acknowledges that while many Tech Entrepreneurs and Founders play an integral role in their business development and sales efforts, they’re actually ““accidental salespeople” that find themselves in an important selling role where they must balance their area of professional and technical expertise with their new business development goals.

This session is for Entrepreneurs and Founders who are:

• Looking for more effective ways to put new client opportunities into the pipeline (prospecting).
• Frustrated with prospects demanding - and getting - costly price concessions.
• Suffering through painfully long selling cycles.
• Disappointed with missing revenue generation and new client goals

Workshop participants will come away form the workshop with a better understanding of how to:

  • Shorten your selling cycle to get new commitments faster

  • Take control of the selling process to shift the focus from price to vale

  • Effectively and efficiently qualify new opportunities by reducing the number of painfully long “I want to think it over decisions” from prospects