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Tuesday, Sep 20
9:00am — 9:30am
Founder Track Venue - Denver Place
140 attending

Industry - College Partnerships: How, what , why?

As startups emerge from the pandemic, they are faced with financial uncertainties along with the challenge of attracting good talent. Industry- university partnerships are crucial to ensure a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system. As most startups bootstrap and professors struggle to provide relevant applied opportunities for students, these partnerships are much needed but remarkably less utilized. Come to this panel to understand how to approach and implement college products to grow your idea, company and team.

The panelists will be :
Dr Devika Banerji, Assistant Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneur Networks at MSU Denver. With extensive experience in connecting startups and students, Dr Banerji will talk about how the relationship works and how it can benefit all stakeholders.

Dr Sam Jay, Director of Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor of Communication at MSU Denver. Dr Jay has a world of experience both navigating academia, his own podcast, and consulting projects. His focus will be on how to enhance your company's brand and reach by involving students and professors in your company projects.

Nicole Magloire, Industry Navigator, Classroom to Career Hub MSU Denver. Nicole helps industries create lasting partnerships with MSU Denver. She will talk about programs and resources that MSU Denver has that helps companies work with our students and professors.

Adrienne Martinez, Associate Vice President, Classroom to Career Initiatives. Adrienne is a professional with a with a wealth of experience in supporting students as they navigate their path through college to companies. Adrienne will talk about what our students can bring to your companies and how companies can support our students and enrich their experience.

Nahum Kisner, Executive Director of Student Support and Retention. Nahum will bring to the table extensive experience of guiding students through internships and job searches. Nahum will talk about examples of successful student and corporate collaborations.