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Tuesday, Sep 20
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Capital One Café
149 attending

The First of Firsts: Women Balancing Careers and Thriving Businesses

Female entrepreneurs are changing the Denver landscape with their innovative and incredibly unique businesses-and it's not even their full-time job. Through each of their unique businesses, these women are navigating an oversaturated market of creatives and trying to stand out on top. Female and entrepreneurs of color often find themselves to be the ONLY person of color or female in the industry and are sometimes the “firsts” in their given field. Their experiences are incredibly unique given they are navigating these spaces alone and paving the path for other folks.

Downtown Denver Partnership's Dil Khan will moderate a panel of trailblazing women to discuss how they’re navigating their business with their current full-time job, being a POC/women in a predominantly male/white field, and share their story of inception to success.

Why is this important? Not seeing yourself reflected in certain communities can pose challenges for many, including aspiring entrepreneurs. This panel is meant to inspire, educate, and celebrate the trailblazers who took that difficult first step to be the “first” in their field.


Aubrey Houdeshell
Ashley Bauler
Alaa Zeitawi
Dilkush Khan