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Monday, Sep 19
11:00am — 12:00pm
Location TBA
158 attending

Civic Engagement? An Entrepreneur's Case for Advocacy

Have you ever seen an entrepreneur on the news and wondered how they got there? Civic engagement can not only raise awareness for your small business, but can also make you an invaluable member of your community. Join this panel of entrepreneurs to hear about their journey of supporting their community through advocacy. Learn how action can be an opportunity for small business owners to achieve systemic change that supports a vibrant startup community, all while giving your business visibility and supporting your own values. Ask yourself these questions: If policy is going to work for someone, why not have it work for me? How can I uplift my business while I support my community?


-Representative Naquetta Ricks of House District 40
-Sarita Parikh of glow+gather
-Aaron Zimola of Zova Marketing
-Jeff Rogoff of Sazza Restaurant
-Sydney Jackson-Clockston of Citrine Unlimited

-Jason Green of Good Business Colorado
-Lindsey Vigoda of Small Business Majority

Sydney Jackson-Clockston
Jeff Rogoff
Aaron Zimola
Sarita Parikh
Naquetta Ricks
Jason Green
Lindsey Vigoda