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Friday, Sep 23
10:00am — 11:00am
41 attending

In The Mix: How Your Company’s Real Estate Decisions Are Like Concocting A Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary comes in many forms. Some are simple- a good tomato-based mix, vodka and maybe a garnish or two. Others are flashier- think zesty hot sauces, assorted veggies, slices of bacon and in some cases, entire cheeseburgers. Office spaces are similar. How we approach both bloody marys and office spaces often evolves as our needs and preferences change. Depending on your size, needs and culture, a no-nonsense coworking space might be the best fit, while others might be in the market for an amenity rich space and building. Join Tributary Real Estate for a hands-on discussion on how approaching your company’s real estate based on where you’re at is just like concocting your favorite brunch cocktail.

Alex Shockley
Adam Luepke
Michael Harpole
Michael Fithian
Whitney Hake
Natalie Froland
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The AMP (1580 Logan St)