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Friday, Oct 8
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
100 attending

A Happy (CLIMATE) Hour: Clean Tech, Clean Water, and Clean Communities

Who is in the business of climate adaption? You are. The businesses of cleantech and water stewardship are everyone's business, and there are systems in place with the funding to support you and your climate-conscious partners!

Come enjoy a networking happy hour with fellow citizens of planet Earth and learn about the many resources and routes in place to support your climate-centric projects and early-stage innovations. A brief panel of hyper-connectors will open the session, followed by open Q&A and community networking.

Quinn Antus, Executive Director, Signal Tech Coalition
Jordan Macknick, Lead Energy-Water-Land Analyst for NREL
Julie Smith, Sustainability Engineer at Miller-Coors Golden Brewery
Devon Buckels, Director, The Water Connection / The Greenway Foundation, TAP-IN Administrator

Morgan Alu, Program and Communication Manager, Denver Metro SBDC

Quinn Antus
Devon Buckels
Jordan Macknick
Morgan Alu
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