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Monday, Sep 15
8:00am — 9:00am
108 attending

Coffee + Chat - (Interior Design) - Design Evolution

The Blur: Design for What's Now and What's Next--International Design Trends and the Global Impact of a Design Culture

Blur. The overlap of life, work, innovation and technology.

Blur. The enduring reality of the pace at which we live.

Join IIDA CEO, Cheryl Durst for an in-depth and fast-paced exploration of how the diverse and multi-disciplinary aspects of design have impacted life, culture, commerce and brand. Design moves at the speed of life and as a result we are all more informed, more engaged and more attuned to the relevance and meaning of design and the human experience. Yet design (and technology) has created "blur" in life and work. How can blur be leveraged to our advantage? And how do we assess its benefit and meaning?


Presented by IIDA

Hosted by Gensler