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Tuesday, Oct 5
5:00pm — 6:30pm
Virtual Panel
124 attending

Women in Leadership: Do We Need a Level Playing Field?

We've been trying for decades to level the playing field for men and women in the workplace, and we haven't quite made it there. There might be a simple reason for this...what if there is no "level" playing field - regardless of who you are. So, what if we changed the narrative and said, "that's ok". Instead of "leveling" we could work together to build a "new normal". Join a panel of 4 highly decorated female military veterans to explore how we can "do better together" based on their success in the most male-dominated industry in the U.S. Moderated by Leadership Teacher & Coach, Ron Duren Jr.

Nikki Cherry
Ron Duren
Jannell MacAulay
Amy McGrath
Kim Campbell
Shannon Huffman Polson
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